KTC makes its debut at the 127th Canton Fair
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2020-09-03 )

From June 15 to June 24, 2020, the 10-day 127th Canton Fair was held as an online event. With a view to tapping market, KTC made its debut at this trade fair with both new and flagship products, demonstrating its strength from multiple aspects.

As COVID-19 continues to rage all over the world and deal a hard blow to the global trade, this Canton Fair has been held online for the first time, attracting buyers from 217 countries and regions and nearly 26,000 enterprises from home and abroad.

To adapt to the new participation form of online exhibition and the emerging promotion form of livestream marketing to global buyers, KTC has made adequate preparation.

During the trade fair, KTC introduced itself through VR, video, graphics, text and more at the one-stop exclusive exhibition center, and exhibited new products such as KTC 65H, G series, and F series, as well as those covering the full range of its products including flagship ones at the Cloud Exhibition Hall. By doing so, KTC has helped customers get to know it in a more convenient and comprehensive manner and bring global buyers a brand-new exhibition experience.

This Canton Fair has launched livestreaming rooms to promote interaction unbound by time or by borders between exhibitors and buyers. KTC has built multiple special livestreaming rooms that are live for 10×24 hours, and provided special training for livestreamers. In the meanwhile, it has also tailored livestreaming schemes based on its actual presence in overseas market. Dozens of livestreaming shows were held every day to exhibit showrooms and products in the form of VR. Professional anchors introduced product application scenarios, and promoted different products at different time slots and in a targeted manner, seamlessly connecting global buyers and demonstrating KTC’s all-round strength.

Moreover, this Canton Fair has also utilized digital technology to build an intelligent and efficient pushing and online negotiation system for targeted supply and procurement, so that a negotiation environment is created online the same as that created offline. KTC optimized the product descriptions to highlight product features and attract audiences and buyers by using the online interaction platform. Customized short videos were also produced to let customers know more within a shorter time and enhance the click rate of KTC’s booth.

KTC shows itself to customers in a new working style by exhibiting and promoting its products through livestreaming during the online Canton Fair, which has enhanced its abilities of online exhibition and marketing.

KTC will follow the trend of digital transformation to expand its marketing channels in diversified ways, and strive to realize a steady growth in the context of COVID-19.