KTC Organizes an Outdoor Activity for Fun and Cohesion
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2019-12-02 )

In order to enrich employees’ leisure cultural life and enhance their team awareness and cohesion,KTC Labor Union organized an outdoor activity on Erlong Mountain in Zengcheng, Guangzhou, on November 23.

On that day, all the participants went together to Zengcheng by bus. On the way, they laughed and sang together, adding a lot of fun to the 1.5-hour travel.

At 10:30 a.m., KTC employees experienced a cycling tour, with green waves and cool breeze whispering in their ears, and a great ecological landscape spreading before them. Riding in the greenway of Zengcheng among gurgling water and green trees, you may feel time seems to slow down, and your tiredness vanishes thoroughly while you are breathing the fresh air under the blue sky and white clouds. Perhaps only those who are living in Zengcheng can really feel this happiness.

They arrived at Erlong Mountain Ecological Park in Zengcheng at 13:30 p.m., and were divided into two groups to take part in interesting activities with tacit cooperation. Their happy laughter was lingering in the warm winter sun. It may take a long time for someone to know others, but this time can be greatly shortened through this outdoor expansion activity. They improved their team cohesion and tacit understanding and achieved the leap of 1+1> 2 while enjoying the leisure time.

Under the setting sun, this activity ended in everyone’s happy laughter. Employees could get away from their busy work to relax their mind and enjoy the beauty of nature in this activity. The nature pulled them closer and further enhanced their team cohesion, creating more united, dynamic, healthy, harmonious and active atmosphere for future work.